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内容摘要:为什么中国黑客如此优秀,他们怎么能如此轻易地从美国窃取顶级军事机密信息?美国黑客难道不能对中国做同样的事吗?来源网站:quora网址: ... o-the-same-to-China评论部分:David Seidma...


网址: ... o-the-same-to-China


David Seidman
All the big countries are really good at hacking. They can all achieve significant military and intelligence goals against each other and against third parties. The state of the art in computer security right now is that attackers always win. An attacker only needs to win once, a defender needs to win every time forever. The US certainly is part of this - remember Edward Snowden? The most successful military cyber attack ever (that we know of) is the Stuxnet virus that destroyed on the order of $1 billion in Iranian nuclear refining capabilities. It's widely believed that this was a joint US-Israel operation. Anyone that can afford to hire or train people can get in on this, and there are even hacking for hire services for governments with smaller budgets.


Different countries also have different political situations, and it just so happens that both Chinese and Russian governments benefit domestically from the perception that they are good hackers, while the US mostly doesn't. So the US (and its allies) are more careful not to get caught. In some Chinese attacks against dissidents, letting the victim know they’re being watched was the whole point!


Lastly, for obvious reasons, the US media plays up attacks by foreigners and plays down attacks by the US. Russian media does the same with their hackers, and I'd assume Chinese media does too.



Steven Lee:请问问自己以下两个问题:

Please ask yourself two questions below:
If Chinese hackers are really that good, how could you identify that they are Chinese?
If they are really able to hack top military confidential information for the US with ease, Why do they still get caught by the US?



As far as I am concerned, one of the foremost skillsets for an eligible hacker is housecleaning. The smart bear is always skillful in wiping his mouth after stealing honey to avoid being stung, while the clumsy bear gets caught and beaten up, that’s the full picture.

With that being said, my conclusion is Chinese hackers are barely comparable with the US ones in terms of hacking expertise. In case you are not aware, the following are some facts about the computer/information industry:





大多数服务器都是由Linux驱动的,这最初是美国公民Linus Torvalds的个人研究。


The first computer was invented by John von Neumann, an American.
The origins of the Internet was commissioned by the US federal government.
The TCP/IP protocol stack was conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in the USA.
Windows, the most widely-used OS in personal computers is owned by Microsoft, a US company.
Most Servers are driven by Linux, which was initially a personal project of Linus Torvalds, a US citizen.
This list can go on and on.





Do you really buy the shit that US is the only victim of internet espionage? The fact is it is far from news that almost each county has a national sponsored cyber army that is doing espionage under the hood, however the differences are
Some incompetent politicians have been making excuses for their own dereliction of duty.
The US hackers are way more sophisticated than their Chinese counterparts.
Some US media are constantly hyping up China threat to sell newspapers.


Lance Chambers
Chinese hackers are the best in the world (These are the 10 best countries for computer programming — and the US didn't make the list - just go to the end of the list and you will find China is No .1) because China has a massive population on which to draw and at the end of 2004 had 2,236 Universities and Colleges and added over 6 million graduates to their workforce in 2008 (List of universities in China - Wikipedia).

中国黑客是世界上最好的(在计算机编程最好的10个国家里,没有美国,而看看列表最下面你就会发现中国No .1)因为中国有巨大的人口可以从中选拔,在2004年底有2236所大学和学院,而在2008年有超过600万的毕业生加入就业大军(中国高校的名单-维基百科)

America had just over 3 million graduates in 2013–14 and today China would have even more than the 6 million they had back in 2008 (How many students graduate college in the US each year?) but have more universities but given the different years that the measures come from China may now have as many or maybe more than the US (2,618 - How many students graduate college in the US each year?) This suggests that American universities/colleges are smaller than those in China and/or fail more students.

美国在2013 - 14年仅仅有超过300万名毕业生,而今天中国相比他们早在2008年的600万而言将有更多毕业生(每年有多少学生在美国的大学毕业?)除了有更多的大学除了年份不同,中国现在可能还有跟美国一样多或者超过美国的配套设施(2618 -每年有多少学生在美国的大学毕业?)这表明美国的大学和学院比中国的要小,并且/或者有更少的学生。

China’s population is so large that they can afford to select ONLY the best of the BEST in the way of students to enter University. The USA works less as a meritocracy and more with an attitude of ‘wealth can get you into college even if your a dumb ass.’ Given these attitudes is it any wonder that the Chinese are the best?
Did you notice that the USA didn’t even get into the list of the top 10 hacker nations and that may be the reason the USA can’t hack China as well as China can hack the USA - the Chinese are just too good at it?



Tony Tan
When you read a news about Chinese hackers breaking and compromising American highly classified sites, what really had transpired could be any of the following.
1.The news was accurate.
2.It could have been perpetrated by hackers from other countries. Good hackers could always leave false trail.
3.Nothing had really been hacked. The US simply lied for some political reasons.






Zhang Qingbo:
just one fact that the US is the only country on this planet does not necessary and oppose the idea of having a GFW.
Just like the US opposite the idea of having large dedicate sea zone based on coast line, because if the close it is the public sea to the coast line, the closest then the US legally present military to there, no other have the capability.




Marty Sinclair
Chinese hackers are not any better than hackers from any other country. Think of it as a thief who wants to steal something from a Beverly Hills home. All he has to do is canvas the neighborhood until he finds a home with lax security. They may come in lack of cameras, a window left unlocked, or allowing the thief into the house.
Many people with sensitive information do not safeguard it enough just like house owners don’t safeguard their house enough. The hacker just finds the right person.




China hack, everybody know it and has proof.
US hack, thousands of Iran's nuclear machines were broken, but nobody know who did this. They finally conclude: only US can do this.
That's the difference.







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